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BlackBass 59cm

Welcome to my homepage!
Japanese title name is "GI-JI-E NO TA-MA-TE-BA-KO"
I think ,You can enjoy a lot of Japanese Lures, Japanese Fishes in this homepage.

Do you know Japanese Lures ?
There are good makers in Japan, MEGABASS,LUCKY CRAFT,ZEAL,
Now, Let's enjoy Japanese Lure Fising in this homepage !
Do you have the Netscape or InternetExplorer for Japanease?
If you don't have that, Please enjoy a lot of photo.



Treasured box

My lures collection.EEEcool, funny, and nice!

Fishing Report

You can see a lot of Japanese Lures and Japanese Fishes.

Secret Point

Good fishing point for "Sea Bass" in Shizuoka pref.

Fishermen's Low

Fishing proverbs in my fishing life.

Fishing Gairls

Japanese Fishing Gairls photo. (under construction)


If you go fishing today,try to use this Fortunetelling.

Usefull Goods

Very usefull fishing goods(gears),outdoor equipments.

Special Present

Sorry, Japanese only.

Australian Fishing

I love Barramundi, Tarpon, Mangrove Jack, GT etc

Tackle Shop

Fishing Tackle Shop in my hometown.


Japanese Fishing Web Sites.


My profile. Are you congenial with me?


Some questions and answers.

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Sorry, I'm not so good at English.

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