Classification List of Genus Acer

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Taxonomic list of Acer palmatum

In this page, we have classified maples based on “Maples of the World”. It is estimated that there are 26 species of maple trees growing wild in Japan. There are about 128 species, most of which are native to Asia. The majority are native to Asia, with others in Europe, North Africa and North America.

Japanese maples

Japanese Name Botanical Name
-kaede Koidz
asa-no-ha-kaede Acer argutum
chidori-no-ki Acer carpinifolium
hana-no-ki Acer pycnanthum
hauchiwa-kaede Acer japonicum
hina-uchiwa-kaede Acer tenuifolium
hitotsu-ba-kaede Acer distylum
hosoe-kaede Acer capillipes
iroha-kaede Acer palmatum
itaya-kaede Acer mono Maximowicz
kaji-kaede Acer diabolicum
karakogi-kaede Acer ginnala Maximowicz
ko-hauchiwa-kaede Acer sieboldianum
ko-mine-kaede Acer micranthum
kurobi-itaya Acer miyabei
kusu-no-ha-kaede Acer oblongum
megusuri-no-ki Acer nikoense
mine-kaede Acer tschonoskii
mitsu-de-kaede Acer cissifolium
nangoku-mine-kaede Acer australe
ogara-bana Acer ukurunduense
oh-itaya-meigetsu Acer shirasawanum
oh-momiji Acer amoenum Carriere
shima-uri-kaede Acer insulare
tetsu-kaede Acer nipponicum
toh-kaede Acer buergerianum
uri-kaede Acer crataegifolium
urihada-kaede Acer rufinerve
yakushima-onaga Acer morifolium
yama-momiji Acer amoenum Carriere

Maples of North America

Common name Botanical name
Big leaf maple Acer macrophyllum
Bigtooth maple Acer saccharum
Black sugar maple Acer saccharum
Boxelder Acer negundo
Canyon maple ssp. grandidentatum
Chalk maple Acer saccharum
Dwarf maple Acer glabrum
Florida maple ssp. floridanum
Hammock maple (Acer barbatum)
Hard maple ssp. saccharum
Mountain maple Acer spicatum
mountain maple ssp. glabrum
Red maple Acer rubrum
Rock maple ssp. nigrum
Rockey Acer glabrum
Silver maple Acer saccharinum
Southern sugar maple Acer saccharum
Striped maple Acer pensylvanicum
Sugar maple Acer saccharum
Vine maple Acer circinatum
White barked maple ssp. leucoderme

Maples of Europa & W. Asia

Common Name Botanical Name
Balkan maple ssp. heldreichii
Balkan-Ahorn Acer hyrcanum
Bosnian maple Acer opalus
Cappadocian maple Acer cappadocicum
Cretan maple Acer sempervirens
Divergent maple Acer cappadocicum
Erable printanier (A. italum)
Field maple Acer campestre
Great maple Acer pseudoplatanus
Heldreich’s maple Acer heldreichii
Italian maple Acer opalus
Italian maple ssp. lobelii
Kaukasus-Ahorn ssp. trautvetteri
Kolchischer Ahorn ssp. cappadocicum
Lobel maple Acer cappadocicum
Montpellier Maple Acer monspessulanum
Norway maple Acer platanoides
Red-bud maple Acer heldreichii
Tatarian maple Acer tataricum
Velvet maple Acer velutinum

Maples of the World

Most maple trees are distributed in the Northern Hemisphere, and outside of Japan, the three most common regions are North America, Europe and Western Asia, and China and Southeast Asia. Amazingly, there is only one species in the southern hemisphere and the rest are in the northern hemisphere. Today, the original species of maple in a given region is also planted in quite a few places around the world, and you can even see various foreign maples in botanical garden

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